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Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Tom Zarek on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica leaps to mind -- a character far enough away from the actor's original role.

But heh, we've already got a B5 precedent for that, don't we? Koenig as Bester. I'm calling it now -- one of our beloved original cast will play a recurring villain!
So I was going back through this discussion. TOM ZAREK is a great example, but personally they really messed up that character. The first couple of episodes he was in were absolutely great, then (IMO like everything in new BSG) they totally screwed it up. Regardless, my hope is that all old cast members get big roles in the new series - bigger than what was given to Richard Hatch. I think there is plenty of room for any of them to come back as villains or whatever. I do have to admit the one person I would like to see come back as the same character is Koenig. You know I love every B5 character, but I still feel that in the grand scheme of things Koenig doesn't get the credit he deserves from the World for playing such a great villain. But I would be fine with him coming back as any character.
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