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Re: Rangers in the background

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
Ah! nice spotting! thanks for the reference pictures

That's REALLY subtle. I don't think I'd ever found that

For fun spent about half an hour trying to skim only scenes that were "public" scenes and skip the rest. There were several ????s that were shots from shoulders-up and several ????s which were background-blurry and not worth the effort. Best results were, ironically, at the Exact Same Spot - on the right side of the bar, all others were ???? shots open to interpretation depending on how one squinted. Only three were worth trying a screen shot.

First is a ???? flip-a-coin from S02E03 Geometry of Shadows at about 7mins 20 seconds, just after Refa leaves. Over his departing left shoulder is ???? maybe a Ranger. Second is from S02E06 Spider in the Web around 30 seconds in. Blurry Ranger is in their favorite spot - on the right side of the bar and in frame between Sheridan and Ivanova. It's the same location as in The Long Dark, but a different Ranger. Third pic is almost clear enough to be somewhat recognizable, and is the same Ranger from earlier in the episode still at the bar, and is in frame to the left of Abel Horn around 14 minutes 10 seconds in. Probably missed a few as was skipping about, and haven't checked Race Through Dark Places. But guess the best place to spot them is...
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