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Re: B5 Reboot?? Is it true??!!?!

Originally Posted by Karajorma View Post
At which point MacFarlane's true intention becomes obvious, pitch a parody TNG show to the executives, use the money to just make more TNG. And I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact I look forward to the return of The Orville far more than Discovery or Picard.

As a lifelong Trek fan, with TNG up there with my favourite shows, I couldn't believe how BAD Picard was. So much scope, and it was such a pile of turgid trash with zero character development. Plus, I now firmly believe a lot of shows are being ruined by forcing an arc plot, mostly one that isn't good enough for the the viewer to care about. So many shows have forgotten that you can tell a great story in 45 mins and STILL progress an arc.

DISCO was at least occasionally entertaining, but still far below the bar of what Trek should / could be. Also guilty of 'crap arc' syndrome.

Must admit, I was very unconvinced by Orville to begin with, but it grew on me and it's definitely nice comfort food TV. I'd actually love to see an episodal SF TV show again that isn't trying to do a season long / series long arc!

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