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Re: B5 Reboot?? Is it true??!!?!

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I didn't know that they had an App, it was mentioned a bit earlier in the thread. That is the way I'll go, probably. I need to remember that there's now an App for everything.
Yes there is. I REALLY hope it is on HBOMAX. Don't tell anyone, but I haven't subscribed to HBOMAX because I own the show on AMAZON so I don't need to see it on HBOMAX for the re-master. It would be great if I could subscribe to HBOMAX in a way that they know I am doing it for the new B5.

SIDE NOTE: The Orville Season 3 is premiering on HULU in March and the word is spreading that if you have a subscription you need to cancel it before the premier and then re-subscribe the day The Orville premiers. I am hoping we can create a similar effect for B5.
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