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Re: Dune

As I have been quoted I felt it necessary speak up.....

My honest opinion is that I was slightly disappointed, BUT I had high expectations - that thing I always tell people to avoid.

I REALLY like what Villeneuve attempts to do, but he always comes up a bit short for me.

Objectively Speaking
The good: Visually stunning. Amazing Cast.
The bad: I felt it was a bit too drawn out. Chalamet might not have been the best choice.

Subjectively speaking.
I love the Lynch version for what it is - colorful, crazy, bombastic, loud, and out there. I felt like Villeneuve went away from that so much it made his version seem a bit dull. Take the most colorful and menacing character from the Lynch version, Kenneth McMillan's Baron Harkonnen. Have a great idea and give the role to the fantastic Stellan Skarsgard. Have a terrible idea and take color out of the character and just leave the menace. End up with a character who is a bit dull. Of course this opinion is solely based upon a love for the Lynch version and requires the viewer to be familiar with that work. AND I fully recognize this is a part one. We have no idea where things will spiral off from here.

And I echo the sentiment of this being PART ONE and very difficult to judge until you know where the story ends up. I give this film a very positive rating and I am definitely looking forward to the sequels. After all we BARELY scratched the surface of Javier Bardem being a part of the plot and that alone makes for much anticipation.

I would also say this is my favorite Villeneuve film to date.

Speaking of Villeneuve's other work.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - When I think of that film all that comes to mind is that jarring moment when K goes to Las Vegas. It really keeps me from liking the film more. I don't hate the film, but it just broke that Blade Runner tone for me. Dark and dreary became glaringly bright and I hated it.
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