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I saw it three times so far, and I really liked it, but I think it looses pace a little bit in the second half or maybe the third third.

I was also worried that people not familiar with the source material couldn't follow the start very well as a lot of things are only hinted at but not really explained (how do the shields work, why don't they use the fancy laser weapons, the Sardaukar, the missionaria protectiva and a few things more). Any thoughts on this?

Also I was not really happy with a few designs of the CGI, but all in all this are just details, I always find things to complain about ^^

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
And it really was a lot more multi-cultural than the Lynch movie or the Sci-Fi miniseries. It made it feel more of a story about humanity (although by then I’d think the races would be mixed much more, it’s over 10,000 years in our future, after all).
That's an argument that was made for the other versions with a less heterogenic cast: "It's 10k years in the future, they're all pretty much mixed up by now, so everyone has about the same skin tone". I like the mixed cast way better, and I LOVED Liet Kynes.

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