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Re: Dune

And today they announced that Part 2 has been given the go-ahead.

I loved the movie. It set the stage for what I hope may be a series of the Frank Herbert Dune books. It defined the characters. But will people who are not already Dune fans like it, when basically all of the backstory was not addressed? Not to mean that I think that was a bad choice, I think itís the only one a movie can make, really. The backstory is so complicated, it would just choke any attempt at writing a movie-style plot. More on it all may come out in Part 2, as well.

But I was not disappointed, it was a fun movie. And it really was a lot more multi-cultural than the Lynch movie or the Sci-Fi miniseries. It made it feel more of a story about humanity (although by then Iíd think the races would be mixed much more, itís over 10,000 years in our future, after all).

Anyhow, it was great fun, I wonder if there will be a directorís cut.
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