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Re: special Guest Star - ...........

I for once liked Lyta way more than Winters, and Iwas really glad when she returned. So I'd totally love that ^^

But I don't think that JMS would use the same characters, except if he really would let the new show take place 20 years after the first (shouldn't that be "take time?"?). So the B5O was the first 5 years of B5 and B5R would be the last 5 years.

If instead he has a new take on the original story, I don't think he'll use any of the old characters but the old league as special guests. Bruce Boxleitner should play something with heavy makeup to in my opinion, just out of respect for Mira and Bill ^^

I think the "new take on the original story" is the more likely scenario, as he mentioned in one of his commentary viewing that there's nearly no scene he would do different nowadays. So The reboot would give him the chance to do that...
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