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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

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yeah! While reading about Johnson I saw the picture JMS was talking about. And as Santiago was a good president who wanted to to improve the relations to aliens, I saw parallels to JFKs mission to end "war itself". That's why I searched for more references, as I assumed that this was a political commentary and Johnson might have had a similar nimbus as Clark has. But when I couldn't find anything I was confused. SO the explanation about the pulling of the emotional strings seems to be all JMS was going for.
Greetings. First time posting so am a bit on the nervous side.

Was recently rereading the B5 script books, and recalled that in the commentary section for Chrysalis JMS mentioned this scene. Beyond the visual cues to Johnson being sworn in, JMS wrote: "I wanted the sense of dislocation and shock that followed in the wake of the JFK assassination, the nearly subliminal feeling that with this one event, the wheels have come off the future." If he were to recreate a similar scene for a reboot, wonder if he would revisit this or go in another direction?
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