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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
I finally finished my recaps (well... the gathering is still missing, but I think I'll only take some snippets from it, to show Lyta and her interaction with Kosh and maybe GKar and Lyta. remember, my primary goal is not to make a "proper" recap, but a short reference to all the major plotpoints to get my pals back on track fast...ish.

Anyways: I saw JMS commentary on this episode and he mentioned, that for Clarks inauguration they used a picture of Jonson's inauguration as a reference. I didn't get why (as a European, I've know glue about US presidents). So I skimmed over the Wikipedia articles of JFK and Jonson, and I do get why Santiago stands for JFK, as JFK was very peace oriented, but I fail how Clark is a reference to Jonson, as he did continue JFKs path, if I didn't miss anything.

Any insights from US citizens on this?

When Kennedy was assassinated the US felt a shock following the murder of the president while in office. I think JMS wanted to achieve the same sense of shock after Santiago's unexpected death. I don't consider Clark to be anything like Johnson.
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