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Re: Any fans of The Expanse in here? (Books or TV Show)

Probably the best new SF show in quite some time. It reminded me of B5 in its scope, and the production values and acting are all top quality. I felt some seasons lagged a bit, but the payoff has always been very cool. The S3 conclusion had the same 'epic' feeling of later B5 when things started to heat up.

Season 4 was my least favourite, but S5 saw it very much back on form.

I think it'll go down as a classic series in genre, and with it being linked to the book series, there is a definite beginning, middle and end. A massive plus in my book. It makes nu-Trek look exceedingly poor by comparison.

Put it this way, if the new B5 can be as good as the Expanse in terms of plotting, acting and VFX, I'll be a very happy man.

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