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Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
It's kind of infuriating that in this day we still have "Regions".
Yes, it's really infuriating! No wonder people turn to VPNs and Piracy: Here we are, willing to pay for a certain content, only to be told "I'm sorry, we only can take your money if you're in the right area of the world." The CW Homepage does not even load at all here, it just tells me, that It'S only available in the US.
On Amazon prime I wanted to buy an episode of Columbo. The local Site did not have all episodes, so i figured: doesn't matter, I just buy it from the US site. Yeah, no way: I can only by it, if my IP and my credit card are US based.

That's so stupid for both sides!
No kidding. I suppose it has to do with contracts but it seems a lot of money is being lost.
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