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Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
It's kind of infuriating that in this day we still have "Regions". It's getting in the way of our access to entertainment, and people willing to pay. I wanted to watch the film "Oldboy" but it's not available in my area.

Is this what NordVPN can help with? Am I allowed to ask that question, here?
Yeah, I use NordVPN for a certain degree of online privacy and you can also use it to fool steaming sites into thinking you are elsewhere. Want the USA catalogue on Netflix, no problem. For instance, I can watch Adult Swim, whilst actually being in the UK. I also will occasionally use torrents if I desperately want to see something and can't find it, so I use a VPN to keep that activity private too. I don't own a TV, or subscribe to that many streaming services, so the VPN kinda pays for itself.
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