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Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

I'm really excited about this!

I think we can't loose here at all!

If the new show is good: we win!

If it bad: who cares? WB lost money, and we won't see any other B5 content being made for TV. Well, we got that for the last 25 years and it didn't lessen our love for B5, so what?

If it is in between (say: catering too much to a specific, probably young, audience, who love it, but "we" hate it): So what? we still have the old show, the new show shall have it's fanbase and the influx in interest might finally get us that bluray edition of the original show.

I only see a win-nothing new-win here.

If we're really lucky it's a reboot like snowpiercer. I liked snowpiercer (the movie) and I loved the new show, so I say: let's keep it coming!
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