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Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

What does it say about me that one of my first thoughts was 'The B5 Encyclopaedia is now going to be out-of-date"?! The idea of a reboot does unsettle me a bit as the original series has been such a big part of my life. It was an almost perfect story which was neatly concluded (forgetting the Crusade debacle for a moment). What is there to achieve creatively speaking from a reboot? I can't see how it can improve upon what went before in terms of storytelling.

From a production viewpoint, will this have full 22 episode seasons or be more in the modern mould of seasons with 13 episodes or fewer? I guess no-one knows that yet. It seems a risk to plan for another 5-year arc when it seemed the original series only achieved this feat by the skin of its teeth. Will the reboot have the same opportunity to tell such a story if the seasons have less time allotted to them? I'm probably completely wrong but I can't help but think of the 90s Dark Shadows reboot that told a year or more's worth of plotlines from the original series in 12 episodes! I hope JMS is right when he says he plans to use the B5 universe to tell a new story, retelling what went before could be a disaster.

As others have said, my main worry is the CW angle with its tendency to have casts of young and sexy twenty somethings. I hope the new series has the same diversity in casting that the original had and isn't constrained by network preferences.

A lot of suppositions and only time will tell what happens, I think we're all very protective of B5 and are hoping that this reboot is respectful of what we have loved all these years.
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