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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

I'm now about to make the recap of this episode, and as always, I do some extra homework by reading what you had to say about this episode.

What struck me was how badly I misremembered this detail:

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
One thing that hasn't been mentioned is Delenn "playing" with those coloured glass pieces. Only much later do we find out the significance of that structure - an important arc detail that isn't even mentioned, only shown without comment. Well done - signs and portents indeed!
In my mind, Delenn started "playing" with those AFTER she recognized Morden as Shadow affiliate, because at that moment she knew she had to build the chrysalis and set that arc in motion even though the grey council did not approve (as we learn later on), so she could unite the Humans and the Minbari for what's about to come.

But I had that completely wrong! She started that way earlier it seems. And I seem to have missed a few steps, but I'm not quite sure when she started.

That leaves me quite puzzled! I never really understood WHY she made the crysallis, even with the (wrong) explanation I just gave above. Now, that I have to accept, that she started even before she spoke to Morden, it does not make any sense anymore.

Can anyone enlighten me please?
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