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strictly speaking G'kar is just paranoid at this point. They explicitly said, he shall die after 48 hours, so... why be afraid before?

Slow acting poison.
Beep Beep
And yes: I should have a look at the gathering too, even though that part won't make it to the recap. But Lyta touching the Vorlon will be important later...

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Only in A Race Through Dark Places... she use telekinesis to send a coin flying in to the wall in her quarters, and when the rogue telepaths create the hallucination for Bester, they say Talia was the difference and was stronger than she knew, alluding to the 'gift' that Ironheart gave her.
Thank you! I'll take a look at that episode, but I think that's not enough to make the Mind War-recap even longer (it's the longest of the episode recaps so far @8 Minutes)
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