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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
I re-listened to the panel before leaving my comment. I find that JMS presents it very confidently, and says in no uncertain terms:

I will write the script next year (2015), I will offer it to WB, if WB pass we are making it and we have investors interested.
You do know that the script was written, right? That seems pretty indicative that he was quite confident, as a seasoned pro like JMS doesn't generally write scripts on a whim.
I did not know the script was written! I followed it with interest, but never heard that. When did he announce that? Pretty cool. Any hints as to what form it took.

It also means he must have felt pretty confident about it happening as writers rarely draft anything without an agreement. Anyhow, enough of that. What are your thoughts Jan? Care to speculate as to what the two projects might be? What would you be most excited to see?

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