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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
This stuff was all said with a totally straight face, and not many caveats were given. It was all big lights and bluster.

The caveats about 'street cred' came later when it became painfully clear it was never going to happen. It was presented in no uncertain terms as 'i'm going to write it' and Studio JMS are going to make it if WB pass on it. This is why I take any B5 announcements with a large truck load of salt. JMS loves hyperbole, especially his own.
As the one who was actually there, can I just say that your characterization of "not many caveats were given. It was all big lights and bluster. " is entirely off base? I don't have time to look at my report or find the video right now but JMS made it clear that X was supposed to happen. And Y was in the works and that based on those projects Studio JMS would be in a position to do a B5 movie. They were all mentioned at that time so you leaving them out is mischaracterizing what actually happened.

Was there spectacle to the announcement? Sure. That's kinda the whole point of SDCC, both presenting and attending, you know.
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