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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

I guess, for the show to have any popularity with future generations, a reboot will be necessary at some point, or the show will just be forgotten. But one of the reasons that nu-BSG was a success was because it was written to be incredibly relevant to the situation at the time, a complete transformation from the original series.

B5, though, is still remarkably prescient to our modern times. Sometimes it feels like it was written last year, not 25 years ago. Any reboot, if it wants to be relevant, is just going to retread those same things, but as Karajorma says, the bar is set incredibly high, and would there be any point in just doing the same thing again?

That said, I'd be open to a reboot that follows the Babylon Prime storyline instead. It's kind of like the alternate history of B5 and there's not many outside of hardcore fans that know about it, so the storyline would be a surprise to most.
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