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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

Right, yes of course. I'd completely forgotten that the reboot was intended to be a movie not a series (which in hindsight makes more sense as JMS only had the movie rights). And yes, I do remember him now saying that Studio JMS would make it if no one else did – a bold claim!

To play devil's advocate: JMS was searching for investors if WB weren't interested, and what an investor wants to hear is confidence that a project will go ahead. So JMS had to appear really confident to give the project any chance. As it was, it seems no one was interested in investing in it. But for the fans, it does then seem like the goalposts got moved.

I really wasn't sure at the time how I felt about a reboot, and still aren't sure, so I didn't invest myself in the idea as much. Probably why I don't remember the details now!
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