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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

I agree Looney, JMS was being cautious, but to be fair it did have a director attached to it, a filming schedule and production offices set up in the UK. So there was a level of excitement to it beyond JMS just saying he wanted to make a movie.

I wonder how far into pre-production it got? Were there design concepts, had they cast anyone etc? I know there was disagreement about getting Tracy Scoggins back as Lochley, in that WB wanted to recast her. Who knows, maybe it will take form as one of these animated features?

And on that topic, what stories would people like to see in these animated features? One has got to be the Telepath War, surely? Especially as most of the principle players are still with us – Lyta, Lennier, Matheson, Bester, and stick Ivanova, Lochley and Sheridan in the mix. I think an animated feature could really showcase the psionic battles better than the series did in The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father.
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