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Re: JMS has TWO new B5 related things in the works

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post

Yeah, and the B5 movie! That one was announced with such swagger and confidence that I really bought into it.
You say a B5 movie was announced "with such swagger", but I always remember there being a caveat mentioned every time JMS talked about there being a movie. I had HIGH hopes of there being a movie, but I was always realistic that it was dependent on whatever money he could raise and what success he could have with all of the other things he was trying to make including SENSE 8. I think it was pretty obvious that initially Sense 8 was not the home run he was hoping for as far as immediate success in the mass media world. But I understand why he might have gotten his hopes up that it would be a huge hit with the scope of what they were doing.

I know this is very defensive, but your wording made it sound like you were tricked and I never remember JMS saying "I'm making a Babylon 5 movie, period end of sentence buy your ticket now." I always remember him adding the stipulations of "street cred" and "investment". I wanted to believe, but those two stipulations are high hurdles to jump. And if I am being honest, two very believable backdoors out of announcing that you are making a movie. I can claim I am making a B5 movie if I can get the funding from investors and then when I can't get it made you'll know why. That and the fact that I have no legal right to make a Babylon 5 movie.
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