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Is it just me, or did Delenn seem a little too orgasmic when she was doing that.
I think it is you.

But yes I agree that she seems to be enjoying it. My question is why does she get to enjoy it alone?
How do we know Lennier isn't in the corner... in secret... watching...
That light blue stuff that comes out of the balls and gets everywhere looks not that healthy though, but what do i know about Soulhunters and their balls? And Delenn has a vibrant glow on her face, so she obviously did not care about the color at all. Seems to be all fine ^^

Lennier is not on B5 yet, he is arriving in "Parliament of Dreams".

Speaking of which:

I don't get it.

Well, not the episode it self, it's one of my favourites! Great quotes, funny G'kar is epic in my opinion, NaToth almost steals the show, except for the Centauri festival, which trumps all.
But: there is a list here on the forum, that states which episodes are WHAM or at least semi-WHAM.

When I saw the "+" for semi-WHAM on Soulhunter, I was like: What? that mumbling cheeetooo-reetooo-wheee-tooo-#meetoo annoyance is a semi-WHAM episode??? how??? But then, of course, I watched it and Soulhunter confronting Delenn to be Satai and telling Sinclair, that they are using him, as well as Delenns line "we where right about you" and Sinclairs search at home are plenty material to change my opinion on this episode. I just did not recall, that that amount of buildup where in that particular episode.

But Parliament of dreams? It's the "+" as well, but I've got nothing of this sort. And I mean: NOTHING.
After reading the thread here in the forum about this episode and rewatching Lorerunners ruminations and reading in the lurkers guide, as suggested in the forum thread, I at least get, that the Minbari ritual has foreshadowing written all over it. But come on: I watched this episode 4 times now in my live and the whole show 2 times, and even upon rewatch and knowledge of the show, I did not get this at all, because it's so cryptic.
ok, I concede that being not a religious person at all, I found the Minbary ritual quite boring, even annoying because of the music. But the support in this scene (the cast and their interactions with the berries) easily saves it and G'kar swapping his berry with Ivanova get's me every time.

So if I overlooked something else because of my ignorance, please let me know!
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