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Re: Mark Oshiro watches Babylon 5

Y'know, he's seeing a lot on his first pass that I hadn't noticed until later, or ever. Take this:

You can be “spaced” for mutiny or treason. But… not murder? Apparently, the military and national security concerns are placed higher than anything else.
I'd always heard that line and thought, "Okay, I guess those are worse crimes, sure..." But because he's been talking about the problems on Earth so much, he spotted something I hadn't and placed that rule in the context of the postwar trauma that's shaping the EA so much.

Which in turn lends more interesting insight to "The Sky Full of Stars" and "Eyes" and several other eps, particular "Sky..." -- if traitors can be spaced, then those who are convinced Sinclair is a traitor feel all the more justified in messing with him.

It's also worth noting Garibaldi's preference for more capital punishment reveals that, unlike some most SF shows (*coughcoughTrekcoughcough*) it's not a matter of "We've learned better and we don't do that any more," it's a matter of some humans saying, "We've learned, we don't do that!" and others saying, "Yeah, but we still should." Infinitely more realistic, since it mirrors our own cultural clashes these days.

Of course, Garibaldi is advocating harsher punishment in pursuit of justice, while many of the antagonists on this show are advocating harsher punishment because otherwise "We've gone soft." Significant difference, there.
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