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Re: Mark Oshiro watches Babylon 5

Well it seems like we have a new fan of the show. If he's this excited after only the first two episodes then something like Crysalis is going to blow him away.

I must say that I'm enjoying reading his reviews. It's nice to see the reactions of someone watching the show for the first time and remembering back to when it blew me away.

EDIT: I followed the links from his site to the Black Market and tried actually watching his video for Midnight on the Firing Line. It was pretty entertaining (especially when he ships Talia and Ivanova!). I don't know if I'll watch them all but I'll definitely watch him for at least one of the bigger episodes. This all reminds me of finally sitting my sister down and getting her to watch B5 with me after years of telling her she'd love it. Last time I saw her we still had a chuckle about G'Kar and Londo trapped in the lift.

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