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Re: Mark Oshiro watches Babylon 5

Mark Oshiro watches "Midnight on the Firing Line"

I'm enjoying this comment from Mark:

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW. Oh my god, can we have a Psi Ops episode? They sound FUCKED UP.
As the culture of the comments section of his website would say: All the nuns! (Explanation for those who don't understand the use of "nuns" in the comments there: Mark maintains a strict spoiler policy; however, he does allow people to discuss spoilers if they post them using rot13 text. "Aha" (aka laughter) converts into rot13: "Nun." So references to nuns is an expression of recognition that something Mark has said reveals he's so not prepared for what's coming in a show.)

Another nun moment:

I don’t know how important the recently-elected president is....

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