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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

I thought I would expand more on what I said about life on the station after discussing By Any Means Necessary got my mind working.

I think it would be wonderful to have expanded universe tales about things we didn't see that don't even have to pertain to any great extent to main characters. We know there are 250,000 people on B5 at any given time. They all have stories and needs. They all have to eat somewhere, sleep somewhere, and have some reason or purpose. Those are all a fountain of stories we could hear.

We know there are a variety of stores, restaurants, clubs, and bars on B5, but why not hotels? Can anyone tell me one instance where a hotel name was mentioned? I know there are episodes that discuss accommodations for travelers, but I only remember ever hearing it referred to as guest quarters in certain sections. Why not hotel names? And if there are hotels how would they work? Would they just be demarcated guest quarters in a certain sections?

We also know from effects shots of the central core there are parts of the station that expand into the central core that look like buildings. What are they all? We know the Military Governor of Babylon 5 has an office in one of the buildings because we've seen the evidence. Are the other buildings hotels? Are they just quarters for people like Ambassadors to have windows? Are they corporate headquarters?

That last question brings me to another point, couldn't we have had more interaction with corporations that did have permanent offices on B5? There obviously were companies that did. Which leads to this question, why doesn't Psi Corps have offices on B5? Vacantlook brought up the notion that it seems odd that Talia is the only Telepath on B5. I agree and I want to know does she actually have an office? I guess she could and I think there is an episode where she does mention something like contact my office. We never see her there, but it is possible. But as was discussed, why aren't there more Telepaths around? We know they come and go from the station, but I mean permanent residents with certain duties. I guess we are supposed to assume that someone at Psi Corps Central thought B5 was so insignificant and temporary that they didn't need a presence on B5 and when they finally came to some realization it was too late and they could do nothing about it. Of course, after Mind War Bester would have had to suggest they put a permanent office staffed with Telepaths on B5.

Okay I would love to expand on more, but I've got to go.

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