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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post

This is an uncomfortable episode, which I suppose is the point. Iím the kind of person who experiences sympathetic embarrassment easily, and I go through it a lot in this episode. The expression / discussion of the alien-of-the-weekís religion feels really silly and it often takes me out of the story, unfortunately.

This episode does touch at a real-world issue: the butting of religion against science as a conflict of culture. The easiest real-world example is refusing medical treatment, like a blood transfusion, for oneís child and saying God will heal them. If my memory serves, there was a case in the past few years of religious people not getting a childís diabetes treated for such a faith reason. We can even remove obvious religion from the equation and still see the problem, for example within the anti-vaccination movement. Or in the opposite direction of forcing something some try to label as therapy on a child that has no scientifically proven validity: like conversion therapy used on LGBT youth.

ďIíll just walk to and fro for a while. Maybe over to my console. Maybe after that I can try pacing fro and to, just for the kick of it.Ē Sarcastic Ivanova is a joy. I donít really see what her B-plot in this episode really does though. I guess the idea was that it would provide some action scenes since so much of the episode is philosophical discussion. It keeps the existence of the raiders present in the story arc. But really, that part of this episode doesnít really add anything important. Itís just kind of miscellaneously there.

This episode, obviously, puts a lot of focus on Franklin, and once again we get to experience his willingness to defy orders to try to help people. Unfortunately, it doesnít matter since the parents reject and eventually murder their child. Itís a painful ending, but feels realistic. Maybe itís because of my own personal turmoil with religious-based rejection, but this episode ends up too uncomfortable for me, so Iím not a fan of rewatching it much, even if I think it has powerful plot turns.

We do get another great Koshism: ďThe avalanche has already started; it is too late for the pebbles to vote.Ē
I think this is one of the most powerful episodes and I find it very uncomfortable to watch. I think one of the best moments is when Franklin is gloating and wants an apology. There is so much realism in that moment it hurts.

And as far as Ivanova's "B" story goes I think it serves a two-fold purpose. One it establishes that she is indeed a competent pilot and two it gives her character a be careful what you wish for tale.
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