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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
The two Knight characters are miscellaneous and ultimately inconsequential to the show as a whole. I read that Walter Koenig was originally going to have been one of the two Knights, but that a medical issue caused him to be unavailable for filming.
I really wish they'd been able to schedule Patrick McGoohan for Knight Two. He would have done a much better job and it would have been the Prisoner reference to end all Prisoner references in a show full of them. But I don't think the Knights are totally inconsequential. They do shake loose some of Sinclair's memories. More to the point, it shows further evidence that something's rotten on Earth -- and that, as is so often the case, much of the rot comes from people looking for the rot, but in all the wrong places.

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Itís a little moment, but I like the suggestion from Delenn, and the resulting explanation for why Talia would be insufficient, that a telepath could help find Sinclair. Ivanova says Talia needs proximity and thus isnít trained in search and rescue. That implies that there are telepaths who are trained. Given how much trouble the station has, they could use a fulltime telepath on staff who could handle search and rescue. It makes me wonder just how many telepaths there are. Babylon 5 is 250,000 residents, but as far as the show shows us, only one, shall we say, on-staff telepath. And that telepath is generally considered lower in skill level: P5. We know from future episodes that there are telepaths that come through B5 that keep their psi capability hidden. I kind of now think that there realistically should be at least a few more on-staff given the size of Babylon 5. But there is just the one officially available telepath.
I just went back to the "Mind War" notes to check Ironheart's (off-the-cuff) telepath stats, and yeah, you're right, there should be more. Ironheart says that only one person in a thousand has any telepathic ability. 250,000 people on the station, but they aren't all human, so call it 150 to 200,000. So there should be 150 to 200 telepaths available. Now, a lot of telepaths are probably even lower-level than Talia and Lyta -- Ironheart's numbers might include all the folks like Ivanova. I do think the more powerful teeps would be more rare. But you'd think there would still be a few more on staff, at least!

My guess? Psi Corps is rationing telepaths. B5 is seen as a risky post, as we know, and often perceived as a waste of resources. Bester says that the Corps is trying to keep telepaths off "the front lines." So B5, chronically underfunded, is also short-staffed in the telepath department.

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ďUnderstanding is a three-edged sword.Ē Yay, Koshisms are one of the truly fun things this show gives us from the Vorlons.
My favorite has always been "We shall meet at the Hour of Scampering."

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
So if I understand things correctly, the Dilgar were decimated when their sun exploded. I think the idea left not fully expressed was that the Vorlons destroyed them by blowing up their sun because of having learned that the Shadows had made inroads into manipulating the Dilgar much in the way that they would manipulate the Centauri.


So Sinclair once again negotiates around the situation to try to find something that works to dissolve the tension, but the Vorlons show up to blow Deathwalker into rubble before her ship could get away.
There's been that speculation that the Vorlon ship fires a warning shot at an unseen Shadow ship, since it misses Deathwalker's ship the first time... and it seems unlikely that Vorlon targeting systems are that bad.

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
So, some Minbari are guilty of having supported Deathwalker. How interesting that after last episode wherein we learned that, much to Delennís approval, Franklin destroyed his research to keep it from being used to make weapons; here, we learn that the Minbari welcomed Deathwalker and her research so they could have weapons. Kind of makes Delenn look like a hypocrite, though I imagine she wasnít not impacted by cultural expectation to help save face for the faults made by others. But still.
Remember, it wasn't the Minbari as a whole who welcomed Deathwalker -- just the Wind Swords. The rest of the Minbari were scandalized, but kept quiet for that whole face-saving reason. If Delenn had made the mental connection when Franklin said he'd destroyed his notes, she probably would have said, "Good. That's how it ought to be done."
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