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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Two of the best from Season 1. These two give G'Kar a lot more depth -- "Parliament" that he's even more dangerous than he seems (but also hilarious on occasion), "Mind War" that he's a lot more decent than he seems. And more eloquent.

I really like both Na'Toth and Catherine and wish they'd been around a lot more.

As to the religious aspects: there are some hints that the aliens are not so monolithic. The Minbari are really the only ones who only present one belief, and that makes a lot of sense, really. The Centauri have "gods by the bushel, gods for every occasion," so it's clearly a bit of pick-from-the-menu approach with them. We have two Narn beliefs mentioned -- followers of G'Quan and G'Lan. (Considering that G'Lan is later revealed to be Kosh, or at least a Vorlon, it's interesting that the Narns made a formal religion out of it. I think that actually ties in with something from one of the Psi Corps books, which I can go into if people aren't familiar with them.) But yes, more variation would have been nice.

The last scene with what Sinclair puts together is heart-warming, but maybe it doesn't stand up to full scrutiny, no. What makes it a big deal is that this episode says, "This is science fiction, yes, but religion is not going to be a punch line, a punching bag, or a plot device on this show." And that I appreciate.

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, VL. I have been, as well -- and I, too, armor my mind in tales in order to make it through.
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