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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

Okay you are going way faster than my current busy schedule can keep up with. Guess I will just make comments on Soul Hunter. Like most B5 plotlines I don't care for, JMS always comes up with an interesting way of dealing with it that ends up making me care for it. I have never been a fan of the "Soul" aspect, but I think it does give an added dimension to the B5 Universe. Is it really a soul in the orb or, like you said, just an "imprint of a person's mind"? And I love that Franklin points out this possibility in the episode.

I will also say that you made an interesting point when you said Londo and Adira's relationship needed more time. That is a common sentiment you will hear from me. I feel that so many episodes of B5 people feel are weak are actually only weak because JMS made the mistake of trying to tell too big a story in one television episode. A prime example of this I always like to point to is INFECTION. If that episode had been a two part episode it would have worked so much better because JMS wrote an epic plot there. I mean you have the extinction of an entire species to work with. I think that episode would be perfect if things had been given more time to create more detail and form. Everything feels rushed.

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