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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

I can see Andrei Ivanov holding on to life until Susan calls again, especially if he knows she's likely to and he has some unfinished business. The brain can have more of an influence on the body than is sometimes acknowledged. Melodramatic, yes, but sometimes reality is more melodramatic than we give it credit for.

When I showed "Infection" to my sweetheart, I warned that it was one of the worst; and was surprised when my beloved said "It's the best one I've seen so far." Yes, it's painfully rough in execution, but the general themes (the impossibility of purity, becoming what one fears, and of course the speech at the end) are actually fairly solid, and I guess those were appealing enough.

My favorite bit of Infection that's not the speech at the end: we overhear Garibaldi telling the reporter the end of a story, which years later and without any fanfare we hear the middle of: how he and Sinclair met. All we hear is "...and three days later we walked out of the desert!", all cheerfully.

Naturally the reporter didn't get the full version of the tale, with all the Shadow ship/Psi Corps stuff. But I really like that Garibaldi holds onto this little secret, while hinting at it to various characters, through the whole show. Even when he mentions seeing "some of" the Shadow vessel/Psi Corps operation, he doesn't tell the rest of the crew that it's how he and Sinclair met.
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