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Re: Rewatching Babylon 5.

I'm delighted to see you re-watching, Vacantlook, since I am re-watching myself in order to show it to my sweetheart. We are well ahead of you, however... closing in on the end of Season 3. If you catch up, I'd be happy to bring my own reflections to this thread. As it is, I've got the S3 drama too much on my mind to dive back to the (comparatively) easy-going days of S1. I'll start my own thread, though I will not go episode by episode.

That said, I've always thought "Midnight on the Firing Line" is a stellar (pun half-intended) introduction to the series. I love the fact that G'Kar and Londo's fate is established right from the start. I also love the characterizations; Ivanova's scene with Talia is amazing, and the last line ("I very much doubt it") tells you that this show will not be like the other shows...

I always loved the StarFuries, too, perhaps especially because the first season always had a variant of the show's main theme play as their "launch" music.
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