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Re: EpDis: A Spider In The Web

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Yeah, the fact that Sheridan "collects secrets" explains how he knows about the Grey Council and can spot one of its members right off, when Sinclair knew very little.
That's a good point, I had never considered that

I quite like this episode. The "unfinished storyline" thing is a shame, but by itself, this episode is perfectly fine, I think. I generally like all the Mars storylines because there's so many shades of grey there, it's all very interesting. I like the Abel Horn character and the secret project stuff. I also quite like the Talia character, so I don't mind Talia-centric episodes.

  • Is this the only episode that gives us a timeline for the colonization of Mars (Amanda Carter's great-grandfather was on the first ship). I guess I haven't paid close attention that.
  • "The Mars Problem" That's such an Earther way to put it. I love that someone thought to write it like that.
  • Garibaldi really is kind of creepy. I think I said this in a different episode discussion thread, but how much would it suck to be creeped on by the head of security on a space station? Sure, he doesn't actually do anything creepy, and he's perfectly nice to Talia, but she can't know that .. well, actually maybe she can But, I still think that's not a great move on his part.
  • I like how concerned Ivanova is about Talia when she hears about the murder/assault.
  • Is "Snakehead" just a general slur used to describe ANY alien? I used to think it refered to specific species.
  • Hey look, it's Zack!
  • Why did security not check inside Amanda Carter's quarters before letting Talia go in? You'd think a quick check inside would be standard procedure, and you'd also think that Garibaldi would want to make super duper extra sure Talia was safe.
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