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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

Originally Posted by Dorvo View Post
What's more, I don't think you can appreciate an episode like this properly without watching the previous, largely unrelated episodes--they build up backstory, foreshadowing, character development, all of which flower at a moment like this (example: the clear friendship between Garibaldi and Sinclair which has its "payoff" here--without earlier episodes, that wouldn't make sense). All stories with really powerful "payoff" moments seem to do this--Frodo unexpectedly destroying the Ring with Gollum's unintended help, Odysseus finally unmasking himself to the suitors, Hector's death at Achilles' hands. Without the hundreds of pages of prior buildup, the payoff loses its effect.
I think that's both true and well-put. Still, I feel Signs and Portents is really more of a "build" episode than a "reveal" episode (like, say, The Fall of Night, or War Without End). Then again, there's no reason an episode can't be a little bit of both
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