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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

Haha, I love that this episode has 9 pages of discussion, while some episodes have barely a half page in almost 10 years!

I have to say I'm not a fan of A View From the Gallery. As I recall, I thought it was entertaining enough when I first saw it, but now .... It might be my least favorite episode of all. Ask me again when I get to the singing telepaths, though ... :-|

It isn't the format that bothers me. I think it's a great idea to show the world through the eyes of some bit characters. I just REALLY don't like the execution. It's all a bit corny, and very "wink wink nudge nudge", full of meta jokes. I can appreciate a good meta joke or reference here and there, but I feel like I'm being beaten over the head with them in this episode. That ridiculous scene where Mac and Bo discuss the equipment they are using ... I see it's already been discussed, and I have to agree with the people who said it's ridiculous. A poor choice for a meta joke. It makes NO sense that these people wouldn't know what they were supposed to be doing with whatever tool that was. Then the references to Ivanova's departure. I'm assuming that "the White Stars look like plucked chickens" is a reference to something or another, as well.

I agree with those of you who said that the Franklin bit is pretty good. It's interesting that Franklin's father, having had that experience, is still so hard on his son for wanting to save alien lives as well as human lives.

I can live with the mystery aliens coming out of nowhere, a major incident never being mentioned again, and all that. What really stretches my credulity is that these random maintenance guys run into pretty much every major character on the show, and have a conversation with many of them.

No, this one is not for me ... I think perhaps on my next viewing I will skip it altogether. I've never done that with any episode, except perhaps the pilot. Many non-arc episode still have some small amount of arc story in them. This one definitely doesn't, so it's not like I'll miss anything.
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