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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

I just watched this one, before starting on Season 5. I just read through the 8 pages of discussion here, and I fear I have nothing to add. A whole bunch of people have already said all the stuff I was thinking: 1. This is my favorite of all the b5 movies. I love seeing the backstory come to life like this, and everything looks really nice. 2. It's great to see what everyone we know from the series was doing during the war, but the bits that put them all together are indeed a bit contrived. 3. The Londo bits are great, as always. 4. The Presiden't speech and everything to do with the Battle of the Line is very moving.

One thing I didn't yet see mentioned in response to Estelyn's post: Robin Atkin Downes didn't come out of nowhere for this movie, he already played that same part in the flashback scenes in Atonement.

Oh, and as for when I watch it, usually right about at this point, after season 4, before season 5.
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