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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
Did it say in the book that Daenyrys' bodyguard is the son of the guy in charge of the Nightwatch, or was I just supposed to be observant enough to notice the last name? Because, in my defense, there are like a billion names.

What in particular made him change his mind in book and/or movie? Did I miss/forget that? I remember while reading the book thinking "why is this guy so dutifully following her around?"
It may not be stated outright in the books that the Lord Commander is Jorah's father, but it is in the appendices. Darn useful things, those, since they're basically huge lists of names and how the names connect.

As to what made Jorah change his mind... also may not be stated outright, and certainly not in book one. But the show makes the case that he's totally in love with her (Viserys says it, and Jorah doesn't deny it), and that's born out by the books later on.
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