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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

I don't remember Joffrey's reaction to Robert's death in the book (jeez, and I just read the dern thing like 3 weeks ago.... I'm losing my memory in my old age) but if it is a change, I like it, for two reasons:

1) As part of the whole "everyone is a flawed human, even the villains" approach of the story. Joffrey is a little shit and he's only going to get worse, but at least for one moment you can sympathize and see how he's just a product of his environment.

2) He's emotionally volatile, and thus easy to manipulate.

The one character I am really not liking on the show compared to the book is Littlefinger. I can't believe I'm going to complain about girl-on-girl action, but that scene was just clumsy and silly. The whole exposition + sex thing they seem to be doing like every episode is cornier and cornier. The only time this every worked was on Al Swearingen's blowjob scenes in Deadwood, but that's because the scripts were amazing and they were delivered by Ian f'n McShane.

On the other hand I am loving Cersei (more than some other viewers- it seems at least on the interwebs that fan reaction is mixed). Just the right mix of wounded viper ice-bitch sad lady thing.

Finally, Daddy Lanister! Appropriately bad-ass actor and performance. That is not opinion, that is fact! And he was butchering a stag...

Khal Drogo- his rant-vow was absurdly over-the-top but I dug it. His body language reminded me of those Siva Tau and Haka war dances from the Pacific Islands that Simoan athletes incorporate into their pre-match warm-ups and became popular on some football teams, and sure enough I interneted some info and the actor is Simoan and brought that to the table.

I'm not 100% clear on Daenyrys' bodyguard/knight whatever he is. He was scheming with the eunich, then was pardoned, then saved her life. A change of mind? Was he going to actually kill her at first? Is this different than the book?
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