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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Best actor on the show: Arya's. Holy moly this girl is a find.

Ok so we also got Littlefinger (Governor Carcetti!) and Arya's fencing teacher.

I know I bitch about the fast pace and the need to condense everything but there were three instances where that really stuck out:

1. Starks' arrival to King's Landing and Ned learning the the treasury is broke. That was like: "Let's have a tournament but we're ok oh no the end." Learning your entire kingdom is ruined financially would be a HUGE revelation to Ned (and it's treated as such in the book) but because of the rushed need to get to other stuff it's just... there.

2. They had Tyrion break up the gang-up on John Snow instead of one of the Watch, as part of accelerating John Snow's rise to full on Watch member (we're already getting Sam next week according to commercials). This was expected though.

3. The stuff with Daenyres and her brother was not just rushed but clunky. I didn't understand why she stopped everyone, and they didn't clarify why making him walk was such a big deal, though they might do that next week when his whole angle plays out.

The scene with the king talking shit at everyone and Jaime's "let them all burn," I don't think that was in the book. If not, that's a smart scene to add, helping establish what's what in this world, because it's about to expand even further.

Varys casting is pretty good. Can't wait to see who they get for daddy Lannister.
"Most smart people cannot watch most TV, because it has generally been a condescending medium, explaining everything immediately, offering no ambiguities, and using dialogue that simplifies and mitigates against the idiosyncratic ways in which people in different worlds actually communicate. It eventually requires that characters from different places talk the same way as the viewer. This, of course, sucks." - David Simon
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