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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

The reason deserters get killed is because they make a vow. These kinds of vows is a major theme in this saga:

- Members of the Watch make a vow to serve for life, remain celibate, etc. They're supposed to only have allegiance for the Watch because anything else would be a distraction. If they have families, other political ambitions, property, etc, who's going to protect everyone else from all the monsters out there?
The fact that they lost some cred over the millenia is similar to the Rangers in B5 between Valen and the final Shadow war: they're "honorable" but most people kinda don't care about 'em, but then it turns they should have all this time.

- Jaime Lannister, the sister-fucker/kid-mutilator, is resented as a "king slayer" because he was a member of the king's body guard corps, and therefore had to break an oath to kill him, even though that same king was everyone's enemy. That's why he's hated for helping them win their own war.

- That knight that serves the dragon brother/sister amongst the Mongolian-types, he's kinda stuck there because he swore allegiance to their house and they're his rulers, even though they're stuck in the middle of nowhere.

So I finished the book last night and if there's one thing I could say about it, it's f'n LONG. And my god there's 6 more. Now I remember why I stopped with this genre a while back. I'll probably take the 2nd installment with me on vacation next month.
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