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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

Just re-watched the series and I skipped this episode except for the Londo/G'Kar scene.

Mac and Bo are just corny, silly characters. I like the idea of the show, and I'm a huge defender of the other odd-format episodes like Intersections in Real Time and the two ISN ones, because they add to the world of the show and are effective emotionally.

"Gallery" tries so hard to tell us that we should love these characters that it's off-putting and stupid. Part of this goes to JMS' usual inability to write obvious, broad comedy, his one big writing weakness.

And overall it's rough that episodes that aren't important to the overall story like this, Day of the Dead and The Corps is Mother are all in the last season of the show. Yes, I know, PTEN, etc, but it still just plays oddly.

For point of reference, I also skipped TKO, Grail, the Garibaldi half of Grey 17, River of Souls and A Call To Arms. Still a pretty great track record. Now I'm re-visiting DS9 and skipping a lot more, but the good stuff is still great. The 90s were the golden age of TV sci-fi.
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