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Re: Not Particularly Good Films That I'd Like To See Re-Cut/Restored

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
I know that if films don't sell, they are flops. But I still wish we had "The Magnificent Amberson"'s real ending. I think there have been some horrible cuts,...
It's not just the ending. The entire film was grossly recut to be VERY different from Welles' original cut. It's supposed to be a very bleak film about the family, and the recut did what it could to make it into a light, funny sort of film, just the opposite from what Welles intended. Sadly, they destroyed all the other footage. The closest to Welles' original vision was done on laser disc, by Criterion. They took the existing footage, the shooting script, and replaced the missing parts of the film with the script, and stills. This has not been released on DVD.
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