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Re: Not Particularly Good Films That I'd Like To See Re-Cut/Restored

Not only do I dislike (and I'm a huge Lynch fan otherwise), I just don't see how that story could be made into a decent film. But then I'm not that great a fan of the book either.

There's some I think would make interesting remakes in the hands of good directors and producers, like Fahenheit 451, but I know that's not that point of this thread.

Remember when we all desperately wanted to see the "real" version of Blade Runner, and there were like 5 different cuts? Yikes.

I dunno, as I get older and lose patience for unnecessary nonsense, I've become a great fan of cutting, editing, and brevity. The only scene in any movie that was cut that shouldn't have been that I can come up with now is in Amadeus when Mozart's wife offers herself to Salieri to get Mozart a job, just because (and no it's not 'cause there's boobies) it explains why she's so mean to him at the end of the movie when he's at Mozart's death bed.
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