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Not Particularly Good Films That I'd Like To See Re-Cut/Restored

There's a lot of films that get chopped up quite a bit between the primary editing process and the theaters, and a jillion reasons for doing so: scenes were too long, actors didn't really nail the performance, the FX failed, it slowed the pacing of the movie, the script changed and a subplot was broken and abandoned without filming all of its constituent parts, simple gutslessness on the part of the studio, etc.

I was just thinking about some genre movies that I'd like to see recut and restored to put the deleted scenes back in, and the two that lept to the top of my mind were "Logan's Run" and "Saturn 3."

Neither are particularly good movies. In fact, Saturn 3 was crap, but I'd still like to see "The Original Vision" rather than the sanitized stuff we got. It'd probably still be not-very-good - most of this stuff gets cut for a legitimate reason - but I'd still like to see it.

Any movies you'd like to see 'fixed' like this?
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