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2010 movies (non-sci-fi)

This can be our thread to discuss all non-sci films of the past year, now that awards season is upon us. It might clash with other threads but we're talking about non-sci-fi, mainstream and indy stuff.

I'll be jotting down my thoughts on some of the buzzed-about flicks of the year.

SPOILER WARNING: I'm not guaranteeing no spoilers. Fortunately none of these movies have much plot so don't worry about it anyway.

Ok first one at bat:

The Fighter

Plot summary: Biography on "Irish" Micky Ward, boxer from a boxing family from Lowell, MA. Famous for his 3 bouts against Arturo Gotti a few years ago but this is before that, how he struggles with family and especially his crack-addicted ex-brother, Dicky.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg (Micky), Christian Bale (Dicky), Amy Adams (Charlene, the girlfriend)

The good: I love boxing and I love boxing movies, so I was biased towards it going in. Of course I expected Bale to be great but I never liked Wahlberg.

The two most pleasantly surprising things about the movie were Wahlberg's performance and how great the fight scenes looked. Boxing is cinematic because it's beautiful and brutal and intimate and frightening, and they do all that real well, even though there is very little fighting and it's a straight-up family drama.

I read that Wahlberg was working on this for years, both physically (working out, learning to fight) and just getting the film made. So now I changed my mind about Wahlberg, because that love for the project made it work.

The bad: Not for those who don't care about Ward, the sport, or sports movie cliches.
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