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Re: HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Anyone watching it? It's not amazing, like their "Treme" series. It's goofy, actually. But maybe that's just my take on modern mobster stories.

I like the actor's portrayals, the plots are keeping me watching through the first 2 episodes. It is a bit "cliche" when I think it's trying to be deep.
I pretty much agree with you. Of course I had to check it out because of the setting and Steve Buscemi, but it hits its marks so obviously and bluntly.

Though really I think part of it is how spoiled I am as a viewer. If I'd have seen this 10 yrs ago, I'd have been stunned by the look of the show, its attention to detail, the mood it makes. But The Sopranos (1st two seasons) and The Wire hit such absurd heights of character and drama, and Rome and Deadwood did the whole past scenery thing so well, that what should be impressing me with Boardwalk isn't. It's as if HBO buried themselves with their own success.
"Most smart people cannot watch most TV, because it has generally been a condescending medium, explaining everything immediately, offering no ambiguities, and using dialogue that simplifies and mitigates against the idiosyncratic ways in which people in different worlds actually communicate. It eventually requires that characters from different places talk the same way as the viewer. This, of course, sucks." - David Simon
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