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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
You're giving me this impression that the internet of full of pretentious Whedon fan-boys who think the shows they like are some fancy intellectual artsy thing.
Certain corners of the internet are full of people like that. And yes, we need to get out more. Thing is, we got this nice little groupthink feedback loop going, where we think we're the entire internet or even the world, and going outside our comfort zone would mess with that.

It's true, however, that we see so much truth and beauty in the shows that we forget even Joss refers to his actors as "the cheesecake."

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
I dunno man, I guess I'm glad I'm done with my days of hardcore fanboy-ism, because from what you're telling me, the Whedon faithful aren't very faithful. If JMS had a new show I'd watch it and give it every chance, 'cause he earned it. Now I don't hold Whedon in quite that high regard, but he's still earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt. Also, Eliza Dushku on motorcycles and little dresses!
Oh, a lot of Whedon fans showed up to start with. They just didn't stick around. Thing is, Whedon fans get to be that way because of Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and Dr. Horrible, which are all rather disparate things. You'd never get 100% of all Whedon fans to agree on any of his shows, actually. Personally, my regard for Angel is lower than the rest. So if you show up expecting Cap'n Tightpants and his close-knit crew, or if you show up expecting Eliza's tiny dresses to be justified by her being a consistently strong female character...

Still, I stuck it out. I don't own a TV but I watched every episode on Hulu, and bought the S1 DVDs. So did a lot of other people.

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
KF, perhaps I'm being stereotypical, or simply just going by own experiences, but, I received many replies on the internet from women when trying to convince them to watch longer, and give it a chance to play out and the mysogyny was what they complained about (and in some cases, they had never seen it, and after trying it out on my reccomendation, were not pleased.).
Oh, wasn't denying the truth of your statement, I was just pointing out it wasn't the whole truth. And I used excessively loaded language in the process. Mea culpa.
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