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Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
Not to deny your main point, but you just described every Larry King and David Letterman interview I've ever seen.
Oh, okay. Never mind, then, I don't usually watch those.

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
Wasn't Firefly also on Fox? I wonder why Whedon et al trusted them to handle their next show.
They didn't have much of a choice. The deal was between Fox and Dushku; Eliza's the one who brought Joss in to run her show. There was much hand-wringing about "Why is he going back to Fox?" But the deal already existed, with Fox as an essential element.

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
The only way I was able to convince myself to go with it is that tyrants and monsters are able to justify their actions in real life as well.
To me that was the point. Back then I had this theory about how the show was Joss's indictment of capitalism, etc., and her being a self-justifying stooge played into that theory.

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
It was Eliza Dushku playing dress up (and dress off) and kicking ass. And there were ridiculous accents* and guns and motorcycles. Honestly, folks- fuck family.
Ah, you were the ideal target audience for the first few episodes, then... I'll be excited to tell them about you over on the Whedon site I go to. We thought you were a myth.
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